What is ECO Bead Cavity Wall Insulation?
ECO Bead Cavity Insulation is a unique BONDED blow in bead, suitable for most cavity walls. ECO Bead Cavity Insulation is a Graphite insulation bead featuring high purity graphite particles. Our Bonded bead Insulation is unique and new to Australia. Giving home owners a superior product suitable for new builds and retrofit in existing homes. Our unique BONDED system means no beads will move within the cavity and wont escape during any works or alternations. Made from polystyrene, it works the same as an esky that keeps drinks cold in the summer or the thermos that keeps your coffee warm in the winter. ECO Bead Cavity Insulation sits between the inner skin and the outer skin of your exterior walls inside the vacant cavity. This creates a thermal break between the two brick skins, reducing heat transfer and protecting your home from external temperature changes.

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